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Arborist Services

Arborist Services

When it comes to tree projects, we're the only name you need to remember. Rely on us for a complete range of arborist services. We're here to ensure that your property always looks its best.

Project Management

Projects are a breeze when we're in charge! As your project manager, we make sure that everything passes inspection and is completed on time and on budget.

Pruning Specifications

Pruning specifications are not always the same for all trees at all times. Count on us to give you the relevant information based on species and time of year.

Council Tree, Florida Strangler Fig, Palms, Pink Flowers, and Strangler Fig West

Contract Specifications

We're ready to help you understand the specifications of your contract, including what needs to be accomplished, when, and by whom.

Contracting Service

Our contracting service is ideal for anyone looking to execute sustainable solutions on their property.

Professional Mangrove Trimming

Come to us for management and permitting for the trimming, alteration, planting, and mitigation of mangroves. We are qualified in Florida and all delegated management areas, including:

  • Miami-Dade County
  • Pinellas County
  • Hillsborough County
  • Sarasota County
  • Jupiter Island

Reporting Service

Property owners across Florida depend on us to provide written reports from certified experts.

Research, Mitigation, & Negotiation Service

We're known for formulating solutions by determining regulations, reviewing plans, and providing explanations and suggestions.

Tree Risk Assessment

Risk assessment and management are critical aspects of community forest management.

Tree Mapping

Count on us for sub-foot GPS/GIS mapping and manual techniques. Digital images are available, as well as multiple data fields, including:

  • Species
  • DSH
  • Height
  • Canopy
  • Picture
  • Health
  • Condition


We provide the reports needed for appraisal before any damages or changes. Additionally, we assign value using the Trunk Formula (CTLA) to calculate protection, coverage, and replacement.

Storm Damage Repair/Code Compliance

Our clients rely on us to execute permitting, mitigation, and remediation within agency or municipal regulations and arboricultural practices.

Storm Preparation

Be prepared for storm season! We offer pruning recommendations and specifications to allow your trees to conquer the weather. Additionally, we offer quality control and inventory services for all your landscape trees.

Hilary Avigdori Consulting Arborist

Consuting Arborist - Hilary Avigdori

hilary@greenspacesconsulting.com Hilary Avigdori Consulting Arborist

Consuting Arborist - Hilary Avigdori



Tel Aviv University - MA

University of Florida - B.Sc.

ISA - Certified Arborist FL-10119A

Registered Professional Mangrove Trimmer

International Tree Varieties - Resource & Broker

Second Generation Green Industry Professional